PipeRapid Leak Repair Bandage


If you work at plumbing, or gardening, or you like DIY, you'll realize how easy it is to repair the leaky pipe or hose in a while.

What is it?

PipeRapid is a woven fibreglass substrate impregnated with a water activated polyurethane resin. Harden with water immediately plugging leaks in pipes or hoses.

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How to use?

The PipeRapid bands are designed to be easily applied, surrounding the pipe or damaged hose, plugging the leak easily and immediately.

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Simple: just wrap the damaged area. Fast: In just a few minutes. Economic: No rearrange the pipe or buying expensive special tools.

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What is included


What is included

3 sizes available

  • S : Ref. 101140 - 5 cm x 1,5 mt (2 in. x 5 ft.)
  • M : Ref. 101141 - 7,5 cm x 2,7 mt (3 in. x 9 ft.)
  • L : Ref. 101142 - 10 cm x 4,5 mt (4 in. x 15 ft.)


For both professional and domestic use.

  • Plumbing: repair of pipes...
  • Gardening and Agriculture: hoses, irrigation...
  • Auto Mechanics: mufflers, exhaust pipes, radiator hoses...
  • Gas stations and service stations...
  • The industry in general...
  • Boat & Ship Repair...
  • DIY...

Bonds to iron, copper, brass, plastic, wood, PVC, glass, etc.



PipeRapid advantages

  • No tools : no need to buy expensive additional tools.
  • Econmic : Without changing the pipe. You can do it yourself.
  • Fast : in a few minutes.
  • Easy : just wrap the pipe with the band.
  • Clean : leaves no residue.
  • Durable : definitive solution.

In 4 easy steps

  • Clean : locate the leak and clean the surface.
  • Wet the bandage : submerged in water for a few seconds.
  • Apply bandage : wrap the pipe with the band.
  • Leave to dry : let harden. (approx. 20 min.)

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4 steps